Corporate Wellness

Make your workplace healthier with our holistic combination of online fitness challenges and competition along with on site activities that boost engagement.


  • Group challenges with daily goals & game-ifyed fitness related tasks
  • Leaderboard ranking for participants
  • Progressive reward systems


  • On-site sessions in-line with the online challenge
  • Body composition analysis, Nutrition Consultations, Workout Sessions, Long Runs, Yoga Sessions
  • Challenges and Competitions

Measuring Success

We measure success based on two key factors - Consistency and Results


Steps taken and changes made in everyday life are what bring long-lasting, sustainable results, not extreme workouts and fad diets. Consistency is key.

  • Making healthier lifestyle choices
  • Regular physical exercise
  • Avoiding extreme measures and crash diets


Actual results and positive changes in a person's health & fitness are indisputable proof of efforts and the strongest motivating factor for everyone

  • Quantifiy-able, tangible results in line with the fitness goal
  • We have a progressive scoring system, based on % change in BMI instead of absolute weight loss/gain results for fairness to all participants
  • Results will be ranked and top contenders win super cool prizes.

Want to bring our fitness challenges to your organization?

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